Supercars Drift

Supercars Drift is a drift game where you level up by performing drifts. You will level up and unlock new sports cars every time you break a specific record. You have ten unique car options in this thrilling car game. Unlock each one to enjoy a different gaming experience. Fire up the exhaust and hit the twisty roads!

How to Play Supercars Drift

Your primary task in the game is to show off your driving skills on the racetracks. As you make progress and level up, more intense gaming experiences with brand-new cars will be waiting for you. Tap on the green “Play” button to select your vehicle. Only the blue sports car is available in the first place. By unlocking the other ones, enjoy it until its wheels are flat!

Racetrack Options

There are three different racetracks. But to unlock the other two, you have to reach specific levels. The second map will be available when you get to the 8th level. The 14th level will enable you to unlock the third map. Work hard on the first map until having access to these two maps.

Break Your Record

  • You have one minute and ten seconds to break the highest record in the first level.
  • You must break your record every time you come across a winding road. The more you drift, the more you fill the level bar at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • You can also view your remaining time in the upper right corner of the screen. You will be given much more time in later levels.
  • Before the time runs out, perform the longest drifting that you can!

Track Achievements

You will see the “Achievements” section in the menu. By entering the section, you can view the duties performed in green. The gray ones show you what you need to do. Try your best until you see this section all green.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Steer the car
  • Space Key: Brake


Supercars Drift was developed by FreezeNova.

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SuperCars Drift Free Online Game