Drift Rider

Drift Rider controls

Drift Rider is a 3D drift game where the players can customize their vehicle and then hit the road. There are 5 distinct racetracks that the player can drift on. You may drive on a highway or in the streets of a city.

Or, take the task of navigating a curving and narrow intercity route by drifting. This game will increase your adrenaline level! Take control of your vehicle and challenge your driving skills in one of the drift games with the highest graphic quality.

How to Play Drift Rider

The aim of Drift Rider is to make the longest drifts and earn coins. When you reach a certain speed, suddenly applying the brakes causes your vehicle to drift.

With the coins you earned, customize and tune your vehicle fully. Customizing your car is the coolest part of drifting games like this. To improve the look and performance of the auto, head over the Parts, Tuning, and Paints sections from the main menu.

Parts Section

You can improve the performance of your car with the modifications you make in the Parts area. For instance, you can improve the car's turbocharger, engine and rear wheels in this part. We can say that the improvements you will make here are three-level.

The primary strength of the car part is at Stock level. You can take this power up to Street, Racing and Pro.

Tuning Section

You can adjust your car's brake and height-lowness settings under the Tuning section. Attempt to give your automobile a rebellious appearance by adjusting the back height. Here, you can modify the following. If you'd like to learn the best tuning settings for drifting, read our full guide on drifting.

  • Front Height
  • Rear Height
  • Front Camber
  • Rear Camber
  • Brake Balance
  • Brake Pressure

Paint Section

The Paint section is our favorite section, with the most options. In the Paint section, select the color of your automobile and wheels! You have quite a large color spectrum. Above all, you can choose whether your car will have a glossy, matte, metallic, or chrome finish.

Purchase New Cars

In addition to customizing your vehicle, this game allows you to purchase 10 vehicles. You can find the most popular sports cars and even a Rolls Royce among them.

You can invest the money you earn by drifting via purchasing a new vehicle. You can find the automobiles in the Cars section of the main menu.


  • To steer the vehicle, use the Arrow or WASD keys.
  • To brake, press the Space key.
  • To reset the vehicle, press the R key.
  • To make the screen larger, press the P key.
  • To switch the camera view, press the C key.
  • To toggle mirror view, press M key.

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Drift Rider Free Online Game