BFFs Summer Aesthetic

It's the middle of summer, and the BFFs still haven't tried the latest summer collections! BFFs Summer Aesthetic is a 2D girl game where you help the six girls refresh their summer wardrobe.

They want to dress up in colorful clothes and dresses. Choose earrings and necklaces for them, style their hair and dress them in the most beautiful outfits. Then, they will head to the beach hand in hand in this fashion game!


Desktops and Laptops

  • Left-Click: To Pick Items

Mobile Devices

  • Tap on the touchscreen to pick items.

About BFFs Summer Aesthetic

  • After chatting on WhatsApp, the girls decide to try different things for the summer in this fashion game.
  • They need your help! They count on your experience in the fashion industry. They know they can trust you with their eyes closed. If you are ready, let's prepare them!
  • There are six girls to prepare. Starting with the first girl, make each of them one of the most beautiful girls in the beach clubs.
  • Begin by choosing earrings for her. Then, choose a necklace and sunglasses. Next, you need to pick a purse.
  • In the last two stages, determine her hairstyle and outfit. Voila! She's ready to shine.

Summer Outfits

In the outfit selection stage, you will find the most precious clothes, shorts and dresses from famous designers. Polka dot and one-shoulder dresses, denim shorts and bustier tops are among your options.

You can also wear a T-shirt and a dress underneath. Whether it's a T-shirt and dress combo or something else, every choice looks fabulous on these beautiful girls.

Braided Hair or Straight Hair?

The hair selection section offers many hairstyles to choose from. You can braid girls' hair or leave it straight. Ponytail or bun models may also be favorable for them in the summer heat.

No Without Glasses!

Girls cannot walk without glasses under the scorching heat of the sun. They definitely need glasses. You will find four unique models from the relevant stage. There are designer polarized sunglasses to choose from. If you like Ray-Ban glasses, you will love them.


FreezeNova developed this game.

What is Next?

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