Soccer Merge

Soccer Merge is a 2D sports game where you own a football club and try to assemble the perfect team. You must strengthen your footballers by meeting their needs. Get new shoes and armbands for your players by merging items from the menu.

You will acquire new stuff for your footballers by merging. Create a strategy for becoming the champion of the leagues in this puzzle game, which will remind you of Football Manager!

How to Play Soccer Merge

This soccer game online is a perfect blend of a sports game and a puzzle game. What you need to do is to combine items until you get what your footballers need. View the Tasks section to see what to get. You have to get them what they demand to enhance their sports skills.

As you combine stuff, you have the chance to upgrade your footballers. In this way, you will assemble that perfect team.

Receive Team Cards

To acquire a new item put together two identical motifs by using the mouse. Completing the tasks will earn you team cards and coins. These cards will allow you to upgrade the power of your football players. Enter the "Team" section to view your players.

The Reserve table shows you the unlocked player cards. You can replace your existing football players with new ones here. Choose five player cards in different positions to create your team.

Take Part in League 1

Now that you have assembled your soccer team, it's time to go to the field. You have picked your most powerful footballers and are ready to participate in matches.

The game will match you with another online player. You will shoot the ball in turn. Use your players like pool cues, aim and shoot. Whoever scores first into the opponent's goal wins.

Other Leagues

There are seven leagues in the game. Each comes with different requests. For example, you must score one goal to win League 1 (Novice League). To be able to move to the Master League, you need to win 10 matches.

Similarly, to win the matches in the Master League, you must score two goals in each game. Completing 15 matches will enable you to unlock the Champion League.


  • Mouse or Touchscreen: Merge/Shoot


Soccer Merge was developed by Mirra Games.

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