Merge Cakes

Have you ever dreamed about running your own bakery? If yes, before you take the plunge, try this game. Merge Cakes opens the doors of a pastry house and lets you explore new recipes while you're on your way to earning substantial profits.

Merge two sweets of the same kind to create a new candy. When you're ready to expand, start a pastry saloon and watch the sugar flow! It's like you stepping into the world of Hansel and Gretel! Play Merge Cakes, a free idle game on and have a sweet day!


Simply drag and release the left mouse button to move your sweets around.

How to Play Merge Cakes

  • Playing Merge Cakes is a piece of cake! Your aim is to unlock all recipes and make the bakery business blow off. 
  • You'll start with selling a single type of sweet. Merge two sweets into another on your tray. And with each combination, a new recipe unfolds. Your first discovery: Mediterranean Sweets. 
  • Every ten seconds, a new sweet will appear on your tray.
  • If you're impatient to wait that long, click on the sweet cover at the bottom of your screen 10 times to speed up the cooking.
  • All sweets on your tray will bring you income. As you can guess, the more complicated the recipe, the more coins it will bring.
  • For example, the first unlocked sweet will generate 1 coin per second, the second recipe will generate 2 coins, and the third will generate 4 coins per second and so on.   
  • As you progress through the Merge Cakes, you'll see lots of different candies, cakes and desserts on your tray. You'll need a bigger tray for this. You can open new spaces on the tray as you unlock new recipes.
  • After a certain level, besides the cake house, you can open a pastry house to produce pastries and explore even more recipes. 

Explore the Shop

  • Make the most of the shop in Merge Cakes. Purchase sweets that will simplify your work. Buy the desserts you need on your tray to unlock new recipes faster. 
  • Remember, with each purchase, the cost of the next sweet will increase, so choose wisely!


FreezeNova created Merge Cakes.

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