Galactic Sniper

The intergalactic race is heating up. You get to take the role of a member of an elite team that recently discovered a planet. Humanoid robots deployed by aliens are spying on your research base. As the skilled sniper of your squad, your task is to take down mechs one by one. Now, go hunt some humanoids on a planet you know very little about. A mission couldn’t be more exciting!

Galactic Sniper is a free online shooting game with intuitive controls. Various types of mechs, 30 levels with increasing difficulty, and an exciting sniper duty await you. You can play the game for free on, on a mobile or a computer.  



Hold the left or right mouse button to aim and release to shoot 


Tap and hold to aim, release to shoot 

How To Play Galactic Sniper?

Start off with the first level, where you need to shoot one robot with 3 bullets in your pocket. Right-click to aim and release it to shoot. Take down spy robots in the first few levels until you adjust to the game. After the third level, you'll come across moving robots, which are more difficult to target. 

Tackling Moving Mechs

Mechs are moving around, tracking your base and taking pictures of it. Some of them are very fast, so you should focus while targeting them. 

Observe their patterns and anticipate their paths. Lead your shots to intercept their paths. Try shooting a little ahead of their trajectory. In this way, until the bullet arrives, mechs will be in the spot you aimed. 

You can practice how far from the mechs to aim a few times to find the ideal length. 

Use Your Ammo Smart

You have limited ammo; use your bullets efficiently and don't take any careless shots. 

Assess your targets and available ammo at the outset of each level, devising a strategy for maximum efficiency. You can check the number of bullets at the top of your screen. 


FreezeNova created this game.

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