Raft Wars

Take your little brother Simon with you and set sail to the ocean! Raft Wars is a shooting game where your mission is to dodge the bad guys on the sea. You will use your weapon to shoot tennis balls. Aim precisely and eliminate all the gangs and Vikings and other men trying to attack you in. If you are a fan of the adventure game Raft, you will love lightweight alternative Raft Wars!

The Storyline of Raft Wars

While making sand castles on the beach, your cute brother Simon has found solid gold. All the notorious seamen are after this mine. And they will come after it no matter what. You and Simon must learn to resist them! The only way to get rid of them is to aim at them with your gun, shooting tennis balls. You will face each other in the middle of the sea. You and Simon are on one side, and they are on the other. Perform such shooting that they fall off the sea. Drop their health bar to zero in the quickest way possible. Show them that you are the actual owner of the gold!

Pirates, Gangs and Vikings

You will encounter many types of bad guys in this action game; among them, you will find pirates, gangs, Vikings and even your neighbors. Yes, your neighbors! You will be on your Raft. And they will be on theirs. Just as you do, they will try to make you fall off the Raft by sending you balls, grenades and other stuff. If one of you is knocked out, the other must stay alone and fight the enemies.

On the sea, you are open to every kind of attack. To protect yourself much better, consider upgrading your Raft with a more advanced one. In later upgrades, you can get a new fighter to your side. Each level you pass brings you credits. Use the credits for getting grenades and rockets, as well. Destroy all the bad guys as quickly as possible to earn the most credits.


Desktops and Laptops

  • Mouse: To aim and shoot

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to aim and shoot.


Martijn Kunst developed the Raft Wars.

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Raft Wars Online Game