State io Wars

Give commands to your mini soldiers and try to get new lands! State io Wars is a 2D war game where your objective is to conquer lands as much as possible. To do that, send your troops to a neutral or your opponent's area and take it. By directing your army wisely, you can achieve victory in this strategy game!

Overview of State io Wars

  • If you enjoy conquering new lands, this war game is just for you! In the game, you will see a vast country with its states.
  • Your main aim in the game is to capture the states until you get the whole map.
  • To conquer the states, you must send your troops to gray or red areas.
  • The red ones belong to your opponent. Getting his states will be challenging as he will try to seize yours in the meantime.
  • To capture a state, you need to deploy as many soldiers as the number written in that area.
  • To win this strategy game, you must keep trying to get all the states your opponent has. There should be no red areas left!

Different Colored States

You will see states in three different colors. The states with neutral tones belong to none of you. They are available to be seized by either you or your opponent. On the other hand, the red states are your rival's territories.

You must capture all the red areas by directing your troops on them to get the whole land. Finally, the blue ones are already yours. Keep in mind that while trying to expand your space, you can't let the red side take over areas that are already yours!

Generate New Soldiers

When you acquire states, they will produce new soldiers. More soldiers mean capturing provinces faster. Increase your soldiers' numbers to act more powerfully. To be able to seize an area, deploy troops to it as the exact numbers written on it. Otherwise, you will fail at getting it.

As you pass levels successfully, you will gain coins. Use them to increase the attack speed of your army and increase their number at the beginning point. Additionally, you can raise the volume of your earned coins.


Desktops and Computers

  • Left-Click and Drag: Send Troops

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to send troops.


FreezeNova developed State io Wars.

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State io Wars Online Game