Snake Wars

Snake Wars is a fun io game where you embody a cute snake trying to get bigger by eating food. You must be the biggest one among the others in the pit. Otherwise, you will become prey for them. Avoid crashing with any other ones to achieve success in this thrilling snake game!🐍

How to Play Snake Wars

All you need to do in the io game is eat food and get bigger. The more you eat, the more you grow! It is very simple. Your score is equal to your size. To get the highest score and get on top of the leaderboard at the upper right side of the screen, avoid getting crashing with others. You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Take up as much food as you can within this short period.

Gummies or Diamonds?

You can customize the pit on which you move and the food type you eat along this pit. View your alternatives in the Settings section by clicking on the relevant icon. You can choose between lightened circles, hamburgers, pizza slices, gummies, fruits, diamonds, cakes, and donuts. Donuts can make your mouth water🤤. You can also determine the type of pit your snake will sizzle through from the relevant section.

Fantastic Costumes for the Snake

You will find 13 unique outfits for your snake to wear. Click on the Skins section to view your options. There is a green frog, a pumpkin and a yellow chick costume. You can unlock each costume for 500 coins. Expand your wardrobe by getting all the costumes with your in-game currency. It can be fun to participate in battles by changing costumes occasionally to make things different.

Dodge Others in the Quickest Way

Most of the time, you will encounter other snakes in the pit while trying to feed. You shouldn’t get in touch with them. No part of your snake should come into contact with others. In such cases, to dodge them quickly, you can use the boost. Click on the left mouse button or press the Space key to activate it.


  • Mouse: Steer
  • Left-Click/Space Key: Boost
  • Mobile Controls: Tap and drag


Snake Wars was developed by FreezeNova.

What is More?

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Snake Wars Free Online Game