Police Evolution Idle

When you were little, you wanted to be a police officer like everyone else, right? Police Evolution Idle is a 3D simulator game in which you are a police officer in the city. The security of this city is on your shoulders!

You must punish those who break the law whenever you see them. Wander around the city and give parking tickets to the ones who parked their car in the wrong place in this idle game!


  • WASD/Arrow Keys/Drag Mouse: Move Around

About Police Evolution Idle

You will find yourself near a police station when you enter the game. As an officer, your duty is to enforce the law. Patrol the city streets, issue parking tickets to improperly parked cars, and maintain order in this police game.

You will also manage traffic control points if you unlock the Suspect. To get new jobs, you must unlock various buildings in the city by collecting money. Ensuring the safety of the town is in your hands!

Watch for the Agents!

When you approach a wrongly parked car, you will be presented with two options. You will either give a parking ticket or accept the bribe. But if you take the bribe, an Agent will come after you to punish you!

You must avoid being caught by him. However, we recommend you be an officer with moral ethics in this simulator game! If you manage to unlock new buildings, you will have enough money to not require accepting bribes.

Put Criminals in Jail

You are also responsible for keeping the peace on the streets. If you see someone aggressive, go towards him and take him to jail. Under your protection, no one can attack anyone!

Put the criminals in prison when you catch them. When you reach the prison, you will kick the lawbreakers into it one by one. They wouldn't dare to commit crimes again from here on anyway, right?


RHM Interactive developed the Police Evolution Idle.

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