Monster Truck City Parking

Monster Truck City Parking is a driving game where you follow the pink halos with your giant truck and go to the parking area. You must park your vehicle in the area before your time is up. When you reach the parking lot, gently get your vehicle in. The real challenge in this one of the most enjoyable parking games is properly fitting the huge vehicle into the parking space! 🅿️

How to Play Monster Truck City Parking

Your first job is choosing your truck from the garage among the 4 available vehicles. There are crazy trucks with king-size tires. These king-size tires are the reason that makes parking difficult. But do not worry! We believe that you can handle this huge machine. Just follow the pink halos and reach the parking area. But remember that you need to go right over the pink halos. You can not miss any of them.

Tropical Game Map

You will drive your vehicle under the shining sun, passing over the boulevards. There will be small palm trees on the roadside that will accompany you. You will pass through many malls and residences while driving to the parking lot.

Customize Your Monster Trucks

You have a classic truck, a green truck, a navy blue truck with a yellow flame look, and a police van truck. Our favorite is the navy blue one. Driving that vehicle feels so cool. There are no unlocking limitations here. You can freely choose whichever vehicle you want to drive.

As you level up by parking your truck, you will get dollars. Use your money to enhance your car’s power. You can make power-ups by pressing the engine icon on the garage section at the right side of the screen. Enhance your car’s engine, brake and speed power. Upgrade your vehicle for each feature up to 10 grades.

The Time Limit

You are given less than 2 minutes to drive your vehicle to the parking area. Before your time is up, quickly follow the pink halos and get to the parking spot. Otherwise, you can not move to the next level. Do not waste your time wandering in the city!


  • Use the WASD keys or the Arrow key to steer your truck.
  • To handbrake, use the Space key.
  • Press the C key to change the camera view.
  • To pause, press the P key or the Tab key.
  • To honk, use the H key.

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Monster Truck City Parking Free Online Game