Car Parking

Car Parking is a 2D online game that lets you experience being a skillful parking valet. Drive different cars and vans and park them in designated places suitably. There are 20 levels ready to be completed. In each level, 3 vehicles are waiting to be parked in yellow spots. It is okay to bump into obstacles a little. Who doesn't, huh? But crashes will be deducted from your stars. And if you lose all 3 stars before completing the level, you need to start over.

How to Play Car Parking?

  • Control the car using WASD or arrow keys.
  • Follow the yellow arrows to find the specific parking spot to enter.
  • Park the vehicle in the desired direction properly.
  • The car shouldn't cross the lines even a little bit.
  • Pay attention to the indicators: You may sometimes need to reverse park.
  • Complete the level without hitting the obstacles around the parking lot to get the 3 stars.

Learn How to Park a Car Precisely

If you are a newbie in driving, a great way to learn how to park a car is by playing car parking games. This way, you will know which way to head and when exactly you should turn the steer when parking your car in a real-life situation.

Online Car Parking game offers a safe environment for inexperienced drivers to adjust to driving and parking without risking their health, their car, and others'.

You have the freedom to bump into obstacles or other vehicles parked while playing a parking game. Still, the consequences would be slightly frustrating in a similar real-life situation.

Car Parking Tips and Tricks

  • Acknowledge the car's size you're driving. This is crucial for you to avoid any obstacles while making maneuvers. For example, it is more challenging to park a van than a small sports car.
  • Don't hit the gas too suddenly. You need to be patient and avoid any sudden moves while parking a car.
  • Make a quick plan on the best way to park the vehicle in the desired area and divide your plan into several simple steps.
  • Make as many maneuvers as you need to fit in the spot properly.
  • Align your tires with the parking lines and finish parking

Controls in Car Parking

  • Use WASD or arrow keys
  • Use your cursor to navigate on the menu

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