Hurakan City Driver HD

In Hurakan City Driver HD you can experience speed, drifting and stunts, a combination of challenges and thrills.
Take a ride and drive across the city. Complete the missions and pass all the difficulties in style. Collect coins to buy cars and to upgrade them to be more powerful on the roads.

Garage Section 

There are for cars you can obtain. Every car has specific details about the level of top speed, acceleration, handling and braking.
• Spyder
• Vyper (available with 15,000 Cr)
• GT Wavy (available with 20,000 Cr)
• Defani (available with 30,000 Cr)

Car Mode Selection

• Racing
• Drift

Hurakan City Driver HD Controls

• Arrow Keys/WASD to Drive & Steer
• F to Boost
• G to Slow Motion
• C toChange Camera

Hurakan City Driver HD Free