Sweet Sugar Match

Sweet Sugar Match is a 2D puzzle game where you try to match sweet candies of the same color. Swipe the candies to create a series of 3 or more matching colorful sugars. When you match them, that series of blocks disappears, and the blocks on top come down. Match the candies just like you did in Candy Crush! 🍬

How to Play Sweet Sugar Match

When you enter the game, you will see an area full of blocks of different colors in front of you. Your task is to turn the non-jelly sugar areas on the playing field into jelly sugar by matching them. Areas without jelly sugar have a blue background. Match the blocks and spread the jelly sugars everywhere!

Limited Moves

You have a limited number of moves. You can view the number of moves remaining in the upper left corner of the game screen. With these limited moves, you must fulfill the tasks the game gives you for each level. You need to turn a certain number of blocks into jelly sugar. You can find out how much jelly sugar you need to create from the top right of the game screen.

Create Combos Like in Candy Crush

  • Matching more than 3 candies of the same color will eliminate those candies on the board and create a striped candy for you in the meantime. If you match this special candy with two other candies of the same color, it will destroy an entire row.
  • If you bring 5 candies together to form a T or L shape, you will create a wrapped candy. This wrapped candy makes an explosion to clear nine candies around it.
  • If you bring 5 candies from the same family together on a line, you create a candy bomb. Bringing this bomb, the Multicolor, into contact with any color will eliminate all of those colors on the board.
  • We leave the excitement to you to experience what can happen by bringing two or more combos together!

Boosters on Sweet Sugar Match

  • Extra Moves: It gives you 5 extra moves.
  • Free Move: This booster allows you to switch items without the cost of a move.
  • Explode Area: You can destroy the items in an area.

How many levels in Sweet Sugar Match Candy?

Sweet Sugar Match, another match-3 game like Candy Crush Saga, offers 100 unique levels to its players.


  • Use your mouse and swipe the candies.

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Sweet Sugar Match Free Online Game