Armed Forces io Controls provides hours of action, shooting and adventure. Find the enemies on the map and eliminate them. You must be prepared for every unexpected situation so hide, hunt and shoot. The tactics and strategy are very important, now you have the opportunity to prove that you can survive. 

Profile section
In the profile section you will be able to change the nickname, load/save code (only experience can be saved through this code. You can replace your current load code with another one load a higher value.) and it will appear the following statistics:
• Kills 
• Deaths
• Scores
• K/D Rate 
• Win
• Lose
• W/L Rate
• Games Played 
• Total Play Time 
• Headshot Counts 
• Knife Kills 
• Assist Counts 

Equipment Section 
• MP5
• Micro Mac-10
• R840
• AKM 
• SG554
• Minimi
• SKS 
• M40A3
• P226
• Combat Knife 
• Basic Armor
• Frag Grenade 
• Syringe 

Store Section 
• Rewarded Ads: Gold +5000, Diamond +1000

Game Modes 
• Team Deathmatch 
• Free for All
• Capture the Flag
• Bomb Defuse 
• Gun Game Controls:
WASD or arrow key to move
Left mouse click to fire
Right mouse click to aim
Space to slide while moving
Left shift to run
1, 2, 3 to change weapon
E or F to interact / pick up weapon
G to throw available dynamite
H to use available medkit
T to chat
L to toggle cursor lock
C to crouch
Hold N to show scoreboard
Escape to pause Free