Kart Racing Pro


Kart Racing Pro is a racing game where you navigate a kart vehicle as a teddy bear driver. You are driving your cute vehicle on an endless road. You will be racing with other teddy bears. Don't let them get in your way. Try to get the highest scores by taking the longest way you can in this driving game!

How to Play Kart Racing Pro

  • Ready? Set. Go! You will find yourself on a road with spectators on the sides. They are all there waiting impatiently to see who will make the longest journey. 
  • You are a teddy bear in the driver's seat of a cute vehicle. The main aim here is to go as far as you can without running out of fuel.
  • You have to use your limited fuel as best as possible. Picking up the fuel tanks on the road is vital to progressing in this racing game.
  • You will also see yellow arrows on the road. Passing these signs will help accelerate your car, making you come a long way.
  • Avoid crashing with other racers or driving on the orange lines, as they will slow you down.

Pick Up Fuel Tanks

The most essential thing in the game is collecting the fuel tanks, as they will allow you to make progress. You must check the fuel bar on the upper left side of the screen. If this blue bar drops to zero, the game is over. You shouldn't let the fuel run out. Try to get a red tank immediately when you see a red tank on the road.

Get New Kart Vehicles

You will see coins on the road while moving forward. Don't forget to collect them as they will enable you to get new vehicles. There are many vehicle options, each with a unique driver. Click on the shopping cart icon to see the available options from the menu. We will leave you some of the driver's names below. Our favorite vehicle is the one with the monkey driver!

  • Redboy
  • Luegee
  • Toadie
  • Princess
  • Bowie

Upgrade Your Kart

To enhance your vehicle's power, we recommend you boost your vehicle's features from the upgrading section. Tap on the kart icon from the main menu to access the section. You will see your boost options here. Let's see what features you can enhance in your car.

  • Top Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Fuel Capacity
  • Handling
  • Nitro Duration


  • A and D keys / Left and Right Arrow keys: Steer the vehicle
  • Space Key: Nitro
  • Touchscreen: Control the vehicle on mobile devices


Kart Racing Pro is developed by MarketJS.

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Kart Racing Pro Free Online Game