Insta Girls Fruity Fashion

Get ready to be an Instagram influencer! Three girls are having a summer party with a fruit theme. Each, with a stunning beauty and thousands of followers on social media, is in the race to get the most likes out of the photos taken at the party. So, prepare the girls for the most fruitilious party ever and let the likes rain on your posts!

Insta Girls Fruity Fashion is a web-based fashion game with vibrant visuals and playable on any smart device. 


Use your mouse or touchscreen to pick fashion and makeup items

How to Play Insta Girls Fruity Fashion

As the girls are invited to a fruit-themed summer party, your makeup, clothes, and even the accessories should be fruity. With all the options in the wardrobe, it will be hard to pick the most fashionable items. Help the girls to dress up and get ready for the party. Take the most aesthetic photos and get likes.

Makeup First 

  • Beginning with makeup, otherwise, all the foundation would ruin girls' shiny dresses, right? Choose the colors to apply to a number of makeup items, such as blush, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and more.
  • Make the eye colors match the eye makeup for a more stunning view.
  • Make your hair; choose between braids, buns and other fashionable hairstyles. 
  • When you're done with makeup, move on to the wardrobe by pressing the green icon.

Fruity Fashion Is Up This Season 

  • In the wardrobe, you'll see many accessories varying from cherry-shaped earrings to necklaces with slices of watermelon.
  • Pick any accessory you believe suits the influencer best. 
  • While styling, it's better to first decide on the style you'd like to create. Would you like a casual and comfortable style with T-shirts and jeans, or charmful dresses with fruits on them?

Aesthetics Matters

  • In the last part, you'll choose the items to take place on the table and take photos. Laptops, books, magazines, coffees with various latte art shapes, and flowers are your pieces of aesthetics. Arrange them in a way that makes photos visually appealing.
  • If you have prepared all three girls, it's time to see the result. See which girl had the most likes in their post on Insta. Press the replay button to play again and increase your chances with different styles. 

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Insta Girls Fruity Fashion