Idle Craft 3D

Idle Craft 3D is more than an idle building game, it's a strategic journey where players monitor all the construction laborers and make crucial decisions to finish the building as soon as possible!

What is the story of Idle Craft 3D?

Middle, a determined individual, has spent years building his dream house. His sole purpose was to marry a wife and live happily ever after in that house. However, fate had other plans.

An unexpected disaster, in the form of an aerolite, razed the house to the ground just as he completed construction. But Middle is not one to give up. With your invaluable assistance, he is restarting the construction.

It's a journey of resilience and determination, where he needs to hire workers and dig all over the place to craft his dream house again.


Click or tap to control

How to Play Idle Craft 3D

  • In the beginning, you only have a pickaxe and a digger. As he digs, you'll get coins.
  • Save your coins to invest in this construction business.
  • You can use your coins to increase earnings, increase workers' speed and hire a new digger.
  • Each purchase you make will increase the cost of new investments. So, make your decisions wisely.
  • When you workers complete a certain portion of the work, you can add decorations such as doors, windows, roofs and gardens.

Summon Elders to Wake Up Workers

It's not easy to break sweat all day long. Workers may fall asleep from exhaustion. However, you'll not gain any income while they are sleeping. So wake them up. Or summon elders to supervise them.

Summon Titan For Faster Digging

Titan is a super powerful worker who will quicken the construction a lot. Summon Titan to enjoy the highest digging efficiency. He'll be an example to the other workers as well.

Explore Other Maps

Middle's little house in Jungle Manor is only the first step in the construction business. As you embark on other adventures, you'll discover a variety of maps to dig and craft in this game. Each map brings new surroundings and decorations.

  • Jungle Manor
  • Sand Shelter
  • The Holy Land in Snow Country
  • Deep Sand
  • Japanese Scenery
  • Fly to Mars
  • Join Christmas


This game not only provides entertainment but also helps you appreciate the hard work of anonymous laborers! It's a fun way to learn about the challenges and rewards of construction workers. Play it on for free and add some fun to your day!

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