Football King

Are you ready to shake things up in unique stadiums? Football King is a 2D sports game in which you direct your football player and try to score as many goals as you can. In the two-player mode, you can challenge your friend on the field.

Or, play against the CPU in the single-player mode. Feel free to participate in quick matches or tournaments in each mode. All the choices are yours in this arcade game! Show your best footballer skills to your rivals.


Single Player

  • WASD Keys: Move
  • Spacebar: Shoot
  • B: Super Shoot

Two Players

Player 1

  • WASD Keys: Move
  • V: Shoot
  • B: Super Shoot

Player 2

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • K: Shoot
  • L: Super Shoot

Mobile Devices

  • Use the buttons on the screen to move, jump and shoot.

About Football King

  • The first thing to do in this sports game is to choose the game mode you want to engage in. You can play against the CPU in the single-player mode.
  • On the other hand, you can duel with a friend in the two-player mode. Or, both of you can team up and play against the CPU-controlled footballers.
  • After the game mode selection, choose the team you want to play on behalf of in the stadium. You can also change your footballer from the customization section.
  • Next, decide if you wish to play in the quick matches or the tournaments. In quick matches, you can engage in 1v1 against the CPU, 2v2 against the CPU or 1v1, 2v2 and Co-Op 2v2 games.

Select Your Favorite Stadium

In each mode, you can choose between five unique stadiums to play on.

  • Standard Stadium: A regular football field with big lights.
  • Neighborhood Stadium: Located in a lively neighborhood.
  • Desert Stadium: Play under the sun in a desert setting.
  • Atlantic Stadium: Located near the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Beach Stadium: Surrounded by palm trees on a beach.

Perform Super Shoots

Your main objective in this soccer game is to defend your goal post while trying to score as many goals as possible. Use your super shots to perform magnetic shots. You will see an icon with a flame in the lower-left corner of the screen.

When this icon is fulfilled, you are free to perform super shoots. They will enable your footballer to shoot the ball fiercely! Compared to the regular shot, the super shot is more difficult for the opponent to block.


FreezeNova developed Football King.

What is More?

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