Draw the Truck Bridge

We have been drawing bridges for small cars and paths for birds. Now, are you ready for an even more challenging construction work?

Draw the Truck Bridge is the second game of the Draw the Bridge game sequel. With 50 unique puzzles and more diverse obstacles on your way, drawing bridges is more entertaining than ever.

This time, you will draw bridges for trucks. Although they have more powerful engines than regular cars, their weight prevents them from climbing steep slopes. So, find the perfect angle and let them arrive at their destination safe and sound!


Drag your LMB to draw lines. 

How to Play Draw the Truck Bridge 

Draw lines and create paths for trucks to pass over holes in the road.

Collect stars to successfully complete levels. On some levels, collecting all three stars may be challenging. On the other hand, the placement of the stars will guide you to draw the correct line. So follow the stars until you arrive at the red flag.

Trucks may flip over while climbing too steep slopes. So, find the ideal angle for the trucks while drawing.

You may encounter some obstacles, such as speed bumps, spikes, rectangles and even teddy bears. 

Prevent any crashes by drawing the path considering the obstacles on the way.

Trucks should stay on the lines you draw but shouldn't hit into any of them. In order to avoid crashes, you need to provide smooth bridges to pass over.

Don't Jump Over Flags

You may encounter a level failed warning even if you passed the flags. That's probably because you flew over the flag. 

Jumping over flags doesn't count. The trucks need to touch the flags to pass a level.

Multiple Trucks to Handle

As you progress through levels, you will see multiple trucks and flags in a level. 

Each truck has its own flag at which to arrive. Arrange their paths so that they do not collide.


FreezeNova created this game.

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