Draw the Bird Path

Draw The Bird Path is a drawing game where the player tries to guide sweet birds home by drawing paths. Help the birds find their nests. Create a path for them by overcoming obstacles and objects. But be careful when guiding more than one bird to their home; they should not collide with each other. 🐦‍⬛

How to Play Draw The Bird Path

The levels section will open when you enter the game. You will see 30 levels. The difficulty level will rise in each one. While you try to send a single bird to its nest at the beginning, the number of birds will increase in later levels. Your primary purpose here is to create a path for the birds to send them home.

Create a Path

In order to send the birds home, you need to determine a route and draw a path with your mouse. After determining the route with your mouse, fly the bird by pressing the green triangle icon at the top left of the game screen. If you think you have drawn the path incorrectly, you can draw it again by pressing the green arrow icon.

If Birds Collide

When you try to send more than one bird home, this means you have to create more than one path. However, when drawing these paths, you should create a route by taking into account the possibility of birds colliding with each other. Because if they collide, you can't succeed at that level.

Birds of Different Colors

In the next levels, you will encounter birds of different colors. So, which bird should be directed to which nest? For example, you will need to send the red bird to the red nest. You can't direct the red bird to the blue nest.


  • Swipe the birds to their nests with your mouse.

What is More?

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Draw the Bird Path Free Online Game