Christmas Monster Truck

Christmas Monster Truck is a 3D driving game where a player drives a monster truck on a snowy road. Your main aim is to overcome obstacles and ramps and reach the finish line. But you shouldn't let yourself be distracted by the allure of gift wrappings and decorations on the side of the road. Because Christmas is approaching, everywhere is lively. Stay focused and get your truck to the finish line in this beautiful Christmas game! 🌲

How to Play Christmas Monster Truck

  • The game will start directly from the garage section. Your first job will be to determine your vehicle. Five vehicles are accessible here. But you can only move forward with the first one at the beginning.
  • You will need to unlock the other 4 trucks with the money you earn as you level up.
  • After choosing your vehicle, all you need to do is reach the finish line safely by overcoming the ramps and obstacles that you will encounter along the way.
  • You can move on to the next level when you complete the track.

Obstacles and Ramps

You will face a very serious track, especially in the later levels. It will be pretty challenging to move forward on the bumpy platform. Moreover, there are various obstacles on these platforms that you can come into contact with, such as flaming boxes, that can reduce the health of your vehicle. If your vehicle's health bar drops to zero, your truck will explode. Don't forget to check the bar in the upper right corner!

Christmas Items

In addition to ramps and obstacles, there will be other things along the way that can distract you. Christmas trees, snowmen and gift packages may interest you very much. But your mission is to continue on your path and reach the finish line without being deceived by these items. We're sure Santa Claus will stop by your house to give you a gift, too.

How many levels are there in the Christmas Monster Truck?

There are 10 distinct levels. Each level requires more professionalism for the truck to reach the finish line. Because as the level increases, things will become more difficult. The track will become even more challenging.


  • Use the WASD or the Arrow keys to move the truck.
  • Press the Space key to brake.

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Christmas Monster Truck Free Online Game