Dragon City


Dragon City is the game where you must protect your city from enemies. They will try to put you down by shooting but you are more powerful than them because you are shooting balls of fire. The dragon can also have other attack skills like fire breath and melee sweep. It can destroy the cars too.
Test your power and fly with your dragon and dominate the city. 

There are 6 dragons you can choose from:
• Volzid TheRedeemer 
• Irsho Eater of all (available to buy with 10000)
• Osgu The Fierce (available to buy with 10000)
• Taskath The Chosen (available at level 10)
• Izorlu The Dark (available at level 20)
• Askae The Insane (available at level 30)

Dragon City Profile details:
• Level 
• Xp 
• Kills 
• Money 
• Buy Gift 
Dont forget to collect the daily gift reward !

Dragon City Display:
• Kill feed (displayed on the top left)
• Controls (displayed on the  left & right bottom )
• City Map (displayed on the top right)

WASD or arrow keys to move the dragon
Space to fly up
Left shift to sprint
Q to jump
C to crouch
R to dodge
Shift + left mouse click for fire breath
Left mouse click for fireball
Right mouse click for melee attack
Esc, tab for pause menu

Dragon City Online