Drag Racing Club

Drag Racing Club is a 2D racing game where you try to be a winner in drag races. There is no long road or twists and turns here. You only need to control your car on a straight road. You don't even have to worry about turning your car left and right. Just step on the gas, use nitrous and shift gears when the time is right. Enjoy one of the most quirky driving games!

How to Play Drag Racing Club

  • The game will start you directly with a trial race. You can quickly learn the basics from here.
  • For any race, it's important to get off to a good start. You need to closely follow the speedometer you see at the bottom of the game screen.
  • Accelerate your vehicle by pressing the accelerator pedal and initiate the race by hitting the green area on the speedometer. This start gives you an excellent start and puts you ahead.
  • You must change gear when the needle reaches the green zone on the speedometer. Because changing gears early or late will slow down your speed.
  • Additionally, you can use nitro when you are behind your opponent or want to make a reasonable distance.

Game Modes in Drag Racing Club

There are 4 different racing modes you can access, and each has different purposes and requirements. Below, we leave brief information about the game modes for you.

  • Graded Race: As you win races in this mode, you will face more challenging opponents in the next races.
  • Crew Races: Here, you need to defeat the crew members one by one. And finally, you face the crew leader.
  • Basic Race: This mode is the simplest racing mode. As the quality of your vehicle increases, the reward money you will receive from it also goes up.
  • Races with Adjustable Difficulty: You determine the difficulty level of the race before you enter these races. As the difficulty level increases, the money you earn soars.

Enhance Your Car or Get a New One

By accessing the garage section from the main menu, you can improve your car's weight, nitro power, and engine output to control it better. You could increase the speed at which you swap gears. Alternatively, you may get a brand-new car. You have a wide choice of cars with prices ranging from $12,500 to $330,000.


  • To accelerate the car, use your mouse.
  • To shift gear, use the Space key.
  • To use nitro, press the N key.


Drag Racing Club is created by Inlogic Software.

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Drag Racing Club Free Online Game