Racing Horizon

Take a seat in the most powerful car and race through a full highway traffic to get to the finish line. You have various types of cars that can be upgraded and 15 stages ready to be completed. You can check them by looking at "My Map" section.
Be ready for an adventure of driving sport cars in Racing Horizon game.

My Garage 
Here you will be able to see the cars, buy and upgrade them.
Every car has a specific level of power, handling and brakes.
• S-COUPE (buy for 75000)
• COUPE 92 (buy for 150000)
• GT-32 (buy for 300000)
• SUPER COUPE S4 (buy for 250000)
• SUV S (buy for 500000)
• SUV B (buy for 1000000)

Upgrades can be made for:
• Chip Tuning 
• Brake Level 
• Handling Level 

Game Modes:
• Missions - complete 15 missions
• Endless - free driving 
• Time up - driving against the clock
• Escape - police chase mission 

Racing Horizon Controls:
W,A,S,D or ARROW KEYS to move 
N to change camera: 
C to get your car to the finish line without crashing


Racing Horizon was created by RHM Interactive.

Racing Horizon Game