Highway Road Racing

Join the challenge and speed the car to complete missions in Highway Road Racing. Experience the risky overcomes while you enjoy the dynamic environments and powerful graphics. Win every race and reach the best score ever. 

Select your machine 
There 12 cars ready to be tested.Every car has a specific level of speed, handling and brake.

Select your mode 
• One Way 
• Two Ways
• Time Attack 

Select your theme 
• Grand Canyon
• Santa Monica
• Bryce Canyon

Highway Road Racing Display includes:
• Score (displayed on the top left)
• Camera, Pause, Speed and Distance (displayed on the top right)
• Wrong Way (displayed on the center left)

Make sure you don't crash your car. If it happens you will be able to see the final score details:
• Total Distance
• Near Miss 
• Keep Above 100kmph
• Opposite Direction

Highway Road Racing Controls

Use Arrow keys/WASD to control the car

Highway Road Racing Game