is a marine adventure where you take control of your dragon to eat as much food as it can. Swim into the under the sea, eat fish and orbs to get bigger. Watch out for the opponents, don't crush into them an dominate the aquatic playground. 

• Eat orbs and fish to get bigger 
• Complete Quests to receive rewards
• Spend gold and pearls on Treasury Clams to receive more cards
• Collect cards to unlock and level up

Monsters Section
• Choose the monster you prefer.
• Each level gives your monster one more body part at the beginning of the game.

• There are limited offers - Rara pack, legendary pack 
• You can buy also Treasury clams and Pearls. Don't forget to claim the free gold and pearls.

Premium Upgrade 
• Buy once - have more fun forever!
• +100% Daily Rewards
• +100% Gold Bonus - adter each match forever
• Extra Cards - always for free 
• Ruby Clam 

Quests section
• To claim a reward complete quests on a scroll in one game. Controls:
• Move your mouse to control the sea dragon’s movement
• Press left mouse button to boost movement speed Free