Crazy Shooters


Let's play one of the most captivating shooting game, Crazy Shooters. First you need to adapt in any circumstance, move fast, jump, hunt and shoot every enemy that appears in sight. You must prove you have confidence to shoot and to score the biggest number of kills. The weapons you choose will make your mission eassier. 

Enjoy the intense gameplay and trust your abilities to win.

Before being able to play the game you first need to create a room.
You can name the room, choose the maximum players that can join and select the game mode FFA or Team.
You can also join other players' rooms. 
There are 4 maps:
• Factory
• Arena 
• Towers
• GasPlant
• BallisticKnife
• Deagle 
• MP5KA4
• STW-25
• M87T
• Blaser R93
• M79
• M67

Crazy Shooters Display

• Kill feed (displayed on the top right)
• Weapons (displayed on the center)
• Health & Ammo (displayed on the bottom right)
• Time & leading player (displayed on the center)
• Chat (displayed on the center left)

Statistics Section

In statistics you will see the following details:
• Number of games played
• Number of wins
• Number of kills
• Score 


WASD or arrow keys to move
Left mouse button to fire
Right mouse button to aim
R to reload
Space to jump
Hold shift to run
1-9 key to change weapon
T to open chat and Enter to send
C to crouch

Crazy Shooters Game