Crazy Roll


Crazy Roll is a 3D bouncing ball game where you, in the shape of a basketball, move along on a fast-paced platform. There is no end to this game. Run as much as you can. You must count on your reflexes as you encounter many obstacles on the platform. Try not to hit any objects or fall. Otherwise, you will fail the game inspired by the popular Slope! 🏀

How to Play Crazy Roll

  • Begin playing by pressing the Space key. The ball will automatically start running on a platform in shades of yellow.
  • Your main aim is to run the longest distance each time you try. Break your own running records.
  • Along the way, you will face many obstacles. Contact with them causes you to lose.
  • In addition, try not to fall while you are moving along at a high speed.
  • It is an endless run, but as you make progress, you will see leveling-ups. Things get more challenging as you level up!

Get New Balls

Collect diamonds on the road while you are running. These diamonds will enable you to buy yourself new balls from the Shop section. There are many ball types here. You can find a red basketball, beach ball, football, and even a golf ball. The most expensive ball is the earth-shaped ball. Unlocking this ball can be your ultimate goal in this arcade game!

Power-Ups in Crazy Roll

  • Getting power-ups with your diamonds also helps you a lot while making progress. There are 3 power-ups: Shield, Magnet and the X2 Multiplier.
  • The Shield will guard you to not hit any object running.
  • The Magnet will pull all the diamonds around toward your ball.
  • Finally, the X2 Multiplier will double the diamonds you are collecting.
  • Here is a little tip for you: you can mix your power-ups. For example, you may activate the Magnet and the X2 Multiplier simultaneously and get all the diamonds near you doubled up.


  • Use the A/D or Left/Right arrow keys to steer the ball.

Other Running Games

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Crazy Roll Free Online Game