Backrooms Shooter

Wake up and find yourself in the backrooms of an abandoned hotel. You hear your own breath in the mask and that bloody weird song again. As you regain your senses, you remember everything: After Skibidi toilets go crazy and take over the hotel, you entered with your squad to save this place from toilet heads. With a kick to your head from a skibidi, you must have passed out. And now, your team has left, probably thinking you are already dead. You are the only one left in this scary place except for all the Skibidis running around. Get up; you must find the exit and escape this hell!

Backrooms Shooter is 3D third person shooter game where players escape from a maze-like setting and shoot skibidis coming along the way.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • Left-Click: Shoot
  • Right-Click: Aim
  • Space Key: Jump
  • Left-Shift Key: Run
  • T Key: Slow Motion
  • R Key: Reload
  • G Key: Grenade
  • V Key: Melee
  • Tab Key: Pause
  • Mouse Scroll: Switch Weapons


Backrooms Shooter was developed by G55.

How to Play Backrooms Shooter

  • Trapped in backrooms, find your way through the exit. Dozens of skibidis are attacking you. Shoot 'em all coming along your way. Check all the rooms to find the exit.
  • Every time you find an exit, you'll level up, unlock new weapons and face with new challenges. Happy flushing!

Exit Signs

You will encounter green exit indicators as you navigate through rooms. While you feel completely lost in backrooms, locating the exit door will help you out. Follow the signs to find the exit.

Shoot the Barrels

You'll see barrels in scattered around. They are filled with explosives. Aim for the barrels to eliminate multiple skibidis at once!

Change Weapons

Use the mouse scroll to change between weapons. Choose your favorite: shotgun, rifle or melees. As you complete levels, new weapons will be unlocked.

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