A fight began in the Stone Age and will continue into the Future Age! Age of War is a legendary game where you must defend your base by attacking your enemy's mercenaries. While attempting to defend yourself, you must simultaneously attempt to seize the opponent's base. You can arrange your difficulty level from the opening section when you click Play in the menu.

How to play Age of War?

Age of War offers you 5 different eras in the game. Each age has its own surroundings and weapons. You will begin in the Stone Age and defend yourself with stones and cave dwellers in their most basic form. As you kill your enemy's soldiers and attack the opposing side's base, you will gain XP. These XPs will assist you in equipping yourself with the necessary train units and turrets to attack the enemy side and defend your base.

  • You must construct turrets, set up various fortifications around your base, and develop your units to survive the game.
  • The game contains 16 different types of units and 15 different turrets, each costing a different amount of money.
  • Each soldier's health meter is above your base, and you must pay attention to it. Try to keep the enemies from approaching your base. If your health bar reaches zero, the game is over.
  • You have access to two special attacks, including artillery strikes and rock-raining. When numerous enemy units are approaching you, it is best to use these unique assaults. 
  • Plan your attack and deploy your soldiers to the enemy's base in a planned manner.


Controls are straightforward in the Age of War. To spawn units, use the toolbar and left mouse button.


As mentioned above, there are 5 different ages. Each era provides you a diverse environment and advanced ammo options. When you gain enough XP by attacking your enemy, You have the right to evolve into the next age. You must click on the star image to switch to the next era in the toolbar.

  • Stone Age
  • Castle Age
  • Renaissance Age
  • Modern Age
  • Future Age

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