Pixel Survival

Pixel Survival Online

In Pixel Survival you need to survive in the wild the unknown world. You are in the forest and you have at your disposal water, food and weapons. The challenge will be to shoot the zombies.
Before you start playing you must select a level and character:
Zombie Land (survive in the zombie land)

Characters available
Policeman: spawn with gun and ammunitions
Farmer: spawn with farming tool 
Salaryman: spawn with secret survival kit
Sport Girl: spawn with everything necessary
Medic: spawn with medicine and survival kit 

On the left screen it will be seen the percentage for drink, food and life. You must drink and eat in order to provide enery for the character.
Down the screen it will be seen the equipment.

Pixel Survival Multiplayer Display
• Level of water, food, health (displayed on the bottom left)
• Equipment & ammo (displayed on the center & bottom right)

Pixel Survival Controls:
WASD or arrow keys to move
Left mouse click to shoot
Right mouse click to aim
I or E to open inventory
F for picking things
Tab for score
Spacebar to jump
Shift to run 
 P or Esc to pause the game