Slow Roads Controls

The sun sets low on the horizon. The gentle sounds of the engine blend in with the chill music from the radio. The road stretches like a ribbon ahead of you. Wildflowers, trees, lakes, and even birds are in a serene stillness. This zen scene on the open road is what you'll experience playing Slow Roads.

Slow Roads is a chill driving game where you take a break from reality and ride endlessly from hills to vast plains. Customize the surroundings to match your mood, turn on some peaceful music, and simulate a blissful road trip online!

How to Play Slow Roads?

  • Slow Roads is a 3D driving simulator that provides a serene and relaxing escape from real life. There is no mission to complete and no destination to arrive at.
  • Create your own world instantly by choosing among a variety of surrounding options. 
  • Select your vehicle and start driving using the WASD keys. 
  • You can even toggle on auto drive by pressing F and enjoy the landscape view while lying back on your couch. 
  • Remember, it’s not a game of speed, stunts or drift but for relaxing with a peaceful browser game in your spare time. Yet, you can still speed up to 160 km/h using the cruise control.
  • Now, let's move on to how many different combinations of surroundings you create in this cozy simulation game. 

Earth Maps

Starting at home planet Earth and over the hills, you have 4 choices of options by altering the hills by switching between seasons.

  • Spring: Aesthetic scene with lakes and flowers
  • Summer: Feel the warm breeze and enjoy the view of various trees
  • Autumn: The green blends with orange in vast forests
  • Winter: Slippery roads and Christmas spirit all along

Off-World Maps

Apart from Earth maps, you can switch between Mars, Venus and Moon maps. Keep in mind that off-world maps may have different day and night cycles.

  • Mars
  • Venus
  • Moon

You can drive endlessly on the surface of Mars, surrounded by shiny rocks on the road. That's an experience that no other game can offer. 

Day and Night Cycle

You can switch between day and night manually, or you can use the cycle timer to switch between day and night automatically every 3, 8 or 15 minutes. Remember to turn on the headlights when it's night.

  • Sunrise
  • Noon
  • Afternoon
  • Sunset
  • Night


Choose your favorite one over all three electric vehicles Slow Roads feature.

  • Roaster
  • Bike
  • Coach Bus

Road Complexity

The customization options are near to the limitless in Slow Roads. You can select between 5 complexity levels of roads. While the straight offers an easy driving experience, the hard creates gorgeous landscapes around the road.

  • Straight
  • Casual
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard

Keyboard Controls

  • Forward: W
  • Left: A
  • Backward: S
  • Right: D
  • Boost: Left Shift
  • Handbrake:S
  • Toggle handbrake: B
  • Auto drive: F
  • Reset: R
  • Headlights: H
  • Steer lock (hold): V
  • Next scene: E
  • Previous scene: Q
  • Change camera view: C
  • Mute: M
  • Pause: P
  • Toggle UI: U
  • Toggle free cam: T
  • Toggle cruise control: Z
  • Increase cruise speed: I
  • Decrease cruise speed: K

Mouse Controls

  • Hover the mouse to steer
  • Forward: Left Click
  • Backward: Right Click
  • Boost: Left Click

Gamepad Controls

  • Forward: R2
  • Backward L2
  • Steer: Left Ball
  • L1: Handbrake
  • Triangle: Respawn
  • X: Toggle Autodrive
  • Left and right: Change weather
  • Up: Change Camera
  • Down: Headlights


Anslo created Slow Roads io. He is passionate about functional art. His latest project, Slow Roads io, showcases the incredible potential of 3D development in JavaScript while also generating stunning, scenic views. He mentions that this game is a heartfelt tribute to the Peak District and classic arcade rally games.

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