Water Car Surfing

Summer is finally here. And it's time to trade snowy roads for sunny beaches. While others are busy with drinking cold drinks and enjoying the view of the island with the sound of waves, you're ready for a different kind of pleasure: Water Car Surfing! Get ready to drive, surf, and explore in a way you've never experienced before.

Water Car Surfing, an activity you may not have heard of before, offers a memorable experience. Imagine driving through vast sands, then seamlessly transitioning to surfing with your car on the sea. All happens while exploring the island via checkpoints. This 3D online driving game is far from ordinary driving simulators, promising an exciting and refreshing adventure. 


Use WASD or arrow keys to drive the car.

How to Play Water Car Surfing

  • Spawn onto a beautiful summer beach with a sports car. 
  • Drive your car through checkpoints with the guidance of the green arrow. 
  • Pass through all the checkpoints within the time limit and earn coins.
  • Complete all 15 levels to write your name on the sand. 
  • At each level, the number of checkpoints will increase while the time limit remains the same, bringing a new level of challenge to the game. 

Unlock Surfer Cars

  • The shiny red sports car comes for free as you begin the game.
  • The more levels you complete, the more coins you'll get. 
  • Use your coins in the garage to unlock new cars with surfing abilities. 
  • With 4 powerful surfer cars in the garage, you'll have a hard time selecting the one. 


Freezenova created this game.


Web Browser (Desktop or laptop)


Enjoy the sunny beaches this summer with Water Car Surfing! Drive or surf, and explore in a 3D free online driving game. Unlock new cars with surfing abilities.

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