Truck Racing

Roads are tough, and slopes are steep. Dropping the cargo box is bleep.

From doorstep to destination, your job here is to be a trusty delivery truck driver. Truck Racing is an online driving game where you transport and deliver boxes without damaging them. Although the controls are easy, the job is quite demanding. Learn how to play Truck Racing online below and hit the road!

How to Play Truck Racing?

  • From one warehouse to another, you will deliver packages.
  • The truck can be loaded with only one box. After you get the package, it's time to cruise.
  • The path is filled with various kinds of obstacles where you can drop or damage the box if you drive carelessly.
  • Handle the obstacles and arrive at the destination safely, and you'll be rewarded with coins.
  • Spend your well-earned coins upgrading the truck parts, such as the engine and suspension. 
  • Or buy a brand new truck with a better grip on the road, keeping the packages safer on the go.

Buy A New Cargo Truck

  • Once you successfully complete a few levels, you'll have the opportunity to purchase a brand-new truck from the warehouse.
  • There are a total of six trucks available in the garage, with the first two being free of charge. The remaining four trucks are priced at 150, 450, 800 and 1000 coins, depending on the grip and safety options you'd like.

Upgrade Parts for A Better Grip

  • After choosing the vehicle you can move on to upgrading parts. An upgraded engine will ease climbing steep slopes.
  • In addition, better suspension will help you bounce less after obstacles. It's essential to upgrade suspension to protect the package from any damage.
  • Upgrading any parts will cost you 100 coins.


  • 6 different cargo trucks
  • Upgradable vehicle parts
  • 12 different colors to paint trucks
  • 30 levels with increasing difficulty


  • D or Right arrow: Move forward
  • A, S, Left or Down Arrow: Move backward
  • W or up arrow: Jump


FreezeNova created Truck Racing. 

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Truck Racing Online Game