Tractor Farming Simulator

Tractor Farming Simulator is a farming game where you are responsible for agricultural work. You need to complete many farming tasks step by step. You must cultivate the field, sow the seeds and water the land.

Get in your tractor, gather your farm machines, and head to your land in this virtual agricultural world in one of the most realistic farming games!

How to Play Tractor Farming Simulator

There are 19 levels in the Tractor Farming Simulator, and each requires a specific task. In each level, you must first get into the driver's seat of your tractor and attach the required farming machine to your vehicle. Then, the game will direct you towards the land area with green arrows.

Attach the Cultivator

  • Following the arrow indicators on the map, move toward the region you will cultivate after attaching the cultivator to the tractor.
  • When you arrive at the field, you must ensure that your vehicle has cultivated the entire area.
  • Check the vertical bar on the left side of the screen to see how far you've gotten in cultivating the field.

Use the Seed Drill Machine

  • Like in the cultivate section, you must attach the seed drill machine to the tractor here, too.
  • This machine is used to plant seeds evenly and at a certain depth in the cultivated agricultural field.
  • After you've attached it, go to the land and begin sowing the seeds.
  • To produce good crops, properly plant the seeds over the region.

Harvest the Crops

  • After cultivating the area and then planting the seeds, you need to water them in order for the seeds to produce crops.
  • They will mature when they get the necessary water.
  • Collect them from the field with the harvesting machine when they are mature enough.


  • To control the tractor, use the WASD or Arrow keys.
  • To switch the camera view, press the C key.
  • When the tractor is approached carefully, the machine automatically attaches to it.

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