The Farmer

The Farmer is a 3D farming simulator game where the player cultivates the field, sows the seeds, waters them and carries out pesticide operations with a tractor. It is a game where the players can perform every operation they can think of in the field of farming. It is also a realistic simulation game for those who want to enter this field in real life. Get in the seat of your tractor, take the necessary farm tools and head to your land in this virtual farming world!

How to Play The Farmer

Start the game by choosing your tractor. There are 4 different tractors here. You have the option to unlock the blue one in the last option with the money you earn by getting the tasks done. Once you choose your vehicle, you are ready. Step into your field by starting at the first level. Enjoy your farming adventure!

Cultivate the Farm

After attaching the cultivator to the tractor, follow the arrow signs on the map and move toward the area you will cultivate. When you arrive at the field, you must make sure that you have cultivated the entire land with your vehicle. Look at how much you have completed cultivating the field from the round bar in the upper right corner of the screen.

Sow the Seeds

Just like in the cultivating process, you will start by attaching the necessary vehicle to the tractor. The machine you need here is the seed drill. After attaching it, head to the land and start planting the seeds. You should carefully sow the seeds throughout the area to get good crops.

Final Part: Selling the Crops

In The Farmer game, which has 15 different levels, you will be expected to perform all the operations you can think of regarding the field of farming. In the last part, you will take the crops you have obtained to the city and sell them! Isn't it pleasant to be rewarded for your efforts?


  • Use the WASD or the Arrow keys to steer the tractor.
  • Press the C key to change the camera view.
  • The process of attaching the machine to the tractor occurs automatically when the tractor is carefully approached.

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The Farmer Free Online Game

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