Real Flight Simulator

Real Flight Simulator Controls

Real Flight Simulator is a realistic game that gives you the ultimate flight experience.
There is the possibility to choose the aircraft you want and start to control the plane.
You will become an expert in controlling the planes, reaching the heights and exploring skies.

You will be able to test the following aircrafts:
• A-10
• A-29
• F-35
• KC-10 
• M-262

Follow the instructions to make the aircraft fly:
1. Turn on the aircraft lights (Press Z) - optional, may cause lag issues
2. Lower flaps and slats if available (Press X)
3. Start-up the engines and wait for the startup sequence to complete (Press C)
4. Throttle up the engines (Press and hold R or V to increase engine power)
5. Release parking brakes (Press B)
6. Rotate once takeoff speed is reached - above 150 knots (Press Down arrow)
7. Raise landing gear above 100ft (Press M)
8. Continue with normal flight...

Real Flight Simulator controls:
AD to roll
WS to pitch
QE to yaw 
RF for Engine Throttle (Power)
1 to change weapon
2 to lock target
Space to fire
Escape or F2 to main menu
H to hide controls info

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