Tap Tap Goals

Tap Tap Goals is a soccer game online in which your goal is to tap the ball into the netting. You gain more points the more balls you put in the goalpost. Do not let the ball go anywhere other than the goalpost. Let's see how many scores you can make in the short time given to you!

How to Play Tap Tap Goals?

  • To move the ball, you have to click with your mouse.
  • As you click more, the ball rises in elevation.
  • Getting the ball into the net is the primary aim.
  • So, the most critical step is to adjust the height accordingly.
  • The ball may exit the goal if it rises too high. Be careful not to miss any shots.

Scoreboard in the Tap Tap Goals

You can view your score on the big black screen at the top of the game screen. You will also see a bar right at the bottom of this screen. This bar is the time bar. When the bar reaches zero, the game ends. Score as many goals as you can before the bar drops to zero!

Bombs on the Field

  • The space in front of the goal won't always be empty when the ball is sent there. There will be challenges ahead.
  • On the field, there are gray blocks and bombs. These are the ones that will make you go more slowly. The bomb bursts, and the ball stumbles backward if it comes into contact with it.
  • Here is a little suggestion for you. Sometimes, rather than wasting time passing each block one by one when there are too many in front of you, you can blow up the bomb and clear the path.

What happens if the ball goes behind the post?

If the ball gains too much momentum and escapes behind the post, it comes back from the other side. Try to get it back into the post without wasting any time!


  • Use your mouse click to move the ball to the net.


Tap Tap Goals was created by Qky Games.

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Tap Tap Goals Free Online Game