Tap Tap Colors

Tap Tap Colors is a 2D arcade game where you navigate a white cube shooting balls to the blocks on the platform. These blocks have numbers on them. You must shoot them with that number of balls to eliminate them from the platform. To succeed in this color game, make your cube move forward as far as possible!

How to Play Tap Tap Colors

There are many colorful bars on the playing field. You must ensure your cube can advance on the field without crashing any of them. Make room for it to move forward. Shoot on the blocks until you remove them. Try to break your own highest record every time you play the game. How far can you go? If you are ready, we will test your skills!

Go for the Low Numbers

The best way to make progress in the game is to choose to destroy the lower-numbered bars. This way, you can easily make space for yourself and cover longer distances because the higher-numbered ones will take much more time to wipe off. Don’t worry; your cube automatically starts shooting to the targeted areas. All you need to do is to navigate it.

Do not Collide with the Bars

You must skillfully steer the cube on the platform without any collision. Additionally, you should not hit the walls. These kinds of collisions will cause you to lose the game. Avoid the walls, floor, and ceiling. Otherwise, you will have to start from the beginning.

Collect the Boost-ups

You will encounter three kinds of power-ups on the platform: Three Bullets, Slow Speed and 1 Score. Using the boosters will enable you to pass through the blocks quickly. They are the key elements to advance. When you see one, pick it up as soon as possible!

  • Three Bullets: Enables you to shoot three balls in different directions simultaneously.
  • Slow Speed: Slows down the cube, allowing you to destroy as many blocks as possible.
  • 1 Score: Makes the number of all blocks equal to 1.


  • Click: Steer
  • Touchscreen: Navigate the cube on mobile devices.


Tap Tap Colors was developed by QKY Games Studio.

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Tap Tap Colors Free Online Game

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