Four Colors

Four Colors is a famous card game that brings fun to all ages. If you would like to play a game like UNO and have some fun in your free time, come grab your cards and prepare yourself for a win. 

How to Play Four Colors?

Four Colors is inspired by the popular card game UNO. Rules and cards are very similar to that game. Unlike many other card games, this makes Four Colors a straightforward and easy-to-learn game.

Basic Rules of Four Colors

  • The key point of Four Colors is to match the cards by color or number.
  • Each player will have 7 cards once the game starts.
  • Get rid of all the cards you have to win the game.
  • The cards' numbers range from 1 to 9.
  • There are four distinct colors: blue, red, yellow, and green.
  • When you are unable to make any move, draw a card.

Action Cards

There are also three action cards, making the game even more exciting. They are:

  • Skip: Use it to skip the next player
  • Reverse: This card reverses the game's direction
  • Draw Two: The next player needs to draw two cards after playing this.

Wild Cards

These are 8 wild cards in a Four Colors deck with 2 distinct types. These are: 

  • Wild: Allows the player to change the color.
  • Wild Draw Four: This card changes the color and forces the next player to draw 4 cards. You can only use this card when you don't have any alternative card to play.

Tips and Strategies for Four Colors

  • When you have only one card left, remember to say "Uno!" by clicking on the 1 icon on the screen. Otherwise, you need to draw two cards as a penalty.
  • Try to anticipate what other players have in their hands. Make it difficult for other players to play and force them to draw more cards.
  • Use your action cards wisely, and try to gain advantages. 
  • Pay attention to the other players' moves and strategize carefully.

What happens when you play all the cards in Four Colors?

  • When no card is left to play, scores are calculated and another round starts over. 
  • To score the points, sum the value of leftover cards. 
  • A number card's value is the digit on the card. 
  • Action cards are 20 points, and wild cards are 50 points. So, try to eliminate these cards before the round ends.

Can 5-year-olds play Four Colors?

Yes, they can. Four Colors is a very easy-to-learn game. All kids -who can recognize colors and count up to ten- can play Four Colors without any problems. This makes Four Colors a perfect option for family game nights.

Can I play Four Colors on my mobile?

Yes, you can play Four Colors, a very similar game to UNO, on your mobile, tablet, or any other smart device by browsing


Four Colors was created by codethislab.

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