Egg Helix


Egg Helix is an arcade game where you steer a trunk adorned with many tennis rackets. There will be an easter egg bouncing up and down. Your main purpose is to take this egg to the top. Make eggcelent steering movements to achieve it. Remember, you are not controlling the egg, and you are in charge of steering the trunk in one of the most challenging easter games! 🥚

How to Play Egg Helix

You will see a hopping egg on the racket net. You must make the egg reach the top to pass the level successfully. You will make it by moving the spiraled trunk with many rackets. Navigate the egg from one racket to another in order to climb it up. You will use the rackets like stair steps. While moving forward, do not forget to collect the golden diamonds. Your Easter holiday will be delightful with this addictive arcade game!

Catch the Right Moment

Finding the proper moment to navigate the trunk is the most crucial thing. The best time to maneuver the trunk is when the egg is in the air. Because the higher the egg is in the air, the more time you have to direct the trunk until it falls. Use the law of gravitation!

Orange Rackets

You will see orange rackets from time to time when you progress on the trunk. These rackets will help you climb many rockets at once by making you bounce higher. This way, you can reach the end of the trunk faster. When the sky gets darker, be happy as it means that you are close to the end.

Do Not Be Afraid to Fall

Do not be afraid to fall if you believe in your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Navigating the lower rockets allows you to save the egg from falling completely. When you find the rhythm of the egg, you can easily climb it up to the top again. Trust your reflexes and instincts!


  • Use the A/D or the Left and Right arrow keys to steer the trunk.
  • Alternatively, you may use your mouse to direct the trunk.


Egg Helix is created by FreezeNova.

What is More?

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Egg Helix Free Online Game