Stunt Simulator Multiplayer

Perform flyover with real players in Stunt Simulator Multiplayer! It is a multiplayer stunt game where your aim is to make acrobatic flying across a map. There are many jumping ramps and hilly and grassy roads. Use them and perform the craziest flyovers to earn points. Unlock ten new cars with your money and experience the excitement of driving each one in this multiplayer car game.

About This Game

Create a private room or join one of the available ones and take your place on one of the thrilling maps. All of them offer sky-high jumping platforms and rolling terrains. Press the gas pedal with all your strength and move forward at full speed. 

Use one of the platforms or the terrains and fly with your car. While high, try to make flipovers and perform a variety of stunts. You will earn points in this way. Use them to unlock new kinds of compact vehicles.

Hazelgreen, Silverstone and Ironbark

The stunt game has three unique maps: Hazelgreen, Silverstone and Ironbark. Hazelgreen is a map with futuristic touches. It includes modern jumping ramps. Also, driving on this map has an extremely soothing effect. 

On the other hand, the Silverstone map combines a forestry road with mountains. You will find many trees and rocks near the ramps. This map is the most special map for those who want to be in touch with nature. And the third map is the Ironbark. Ironbark is a map with lots of shipments by sea. You are free to do whatever you want in this huge plain area.

Compact Cars

There are ten unique cars at your disposal. But in the beginning, the Compact Car, Coupe Car and Pickup are accessible. As you perform flyovers, you will gain points.

Use them to unlock the other ones. There are many vehicles that catch your attention, and the Concept Car is one of them. If you want something crazier, we recommend you try the 6-wheeled Car.

Night Drives

Some people are crazy for night drives. If you are one of them, you have the option to drive your vehicle at night. You only need to join one of the rooms with the night mode or create a private room by clicking on the "Night" option. This way, you can enjoy your dark rides. Don't forget to turn on the headlights by pressing the F key.


  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: Move
  • Space: Brake
  • Left-Shift: Nitro
  • R: Reset
  • T: Chat
  • Tab: Pause
  • F: Headlights


FreezeNova created the Stunt Simulator Multiplayer.

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Stunt Simulator Multiplayer Online Game