Ultimate Flying Car

Can you imagine if a car could fly? Let's take flight! Ultimate Flying Car is a 3D driving game that features many elegant sports cars with wings. Choose your favorite vehicle from the menu. You can take part in ultimate races with it. Or, you can freely roam the long city streets. Enjoy performing flights and stunts in the sky in the car game!

When we were a child, we always thought that in the 21st century, cars would be able to fly. But nothing like this has happened yet. However, you can still fly with a car in Ultimate Flying Car without facing real danger. You have many stylish flying car options. All of them will enable you to float in the air whether you want to engage in races with other drivers or travel on the roads to relieve stress. It's all up to you!

The only thing you need to do is to decide which game mode you will play. Then, select your car among the options. Get ready for a stunning driving experience in the racing game!

Free Ride or Racing?

There are two game modes: Free Ride and Racing. In the Free Ride, you will find yourself on a map full of long roads, palm trees, funfairs, and stunt areas. The view is spectacular, with a red sky and giant balloons. It will remind you of Cappadocia. We believe you will have extreme fun driving or flying with your car in this mode.

On the other hand, the Racing mode requires you to participate in races with 3 different drivers. The map is the same as that in the Free Ride mode. Move at high speed for 2 laps and get ahead of your opponents throughout this map. Try not to go off the road because you will be respawned back to the road within 3 seconds.

You can play these two modes with a friend by choosing the 2 Player option. We recommend challenging yourself with a friend, especially in the Racing mode. Let's see who the best driver is! Or, you can simply act solo. You'll enjoy the driving game either way.

Supercars that Fly

There are six flying cars at your disposal. The first two cars were inspired by well-known BMW vehicles. The only difference is that they have two wings. They are your starting point. You have access to them in the beginning. Collecting diamonds and winning coins in the races will allow you to unlock new stylish ones. The purple Ferrari at the end is the most expensive car. Driving and racing with it will be the greatest pleasure.


Player 1

  • WASD: Move
  • Shift: Nitro
  • T: Look Back
  • R: Restore
  • Space: Brake

Player 2

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • M: Nitro
  • L: Look Back
  • U: Restore
  • K: Brake


RHM Interactive developed the Ultimate Flying Car.

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Ultimate Flying Car Online Game