Pool Challenge

Pool Challenge is a 2D pool game where players try sending their balls to the holes on the billiard table. One must be able to aim very well with the cue when playing billiards. It requires skill to be able to put all the balls into the hole one by one without missing a shot. Are you ready to shoulder this challenge with this online 8 ball pool game?

How to Play Pool Challenge

  • Your main task is to put the balls into the holes individually without fouling, then send the number 8 ball into a hole and win the game!
  • Start with deciding the difficulty level of the game from the main menu and get behind the cue. There are 3 levels: easy, normal and hard.
  • The first type of ball you enter into one of the holes when you start the game becomes your assigned ball throughout the game.
  • You will see 7 straight balls, 7 striped balls and one black ball (number 8). 15 balls in total.
  • You can see the aim intensity bar at the bottom left of the game screen.

Sending Balls to a Hole

Aim with your mouse to strike, then hold and drag the cue to pull the cue backward. Release the cue to make the shot. The further back you pull the cue, the greater the shooting intensity. Aiming well is the key. By following the lines that appear on the tip of the cue, you can get an idea of ​​where the ball could potentially go.

Pool Rules

  • If the black ball enters the hole before all of your other balls do, you lose.
  • If the cue ball does not make contact with any of your balls or if you send it into the pot instead of your own ball, it is your opponent's turn.
  • After the cue ball is in the hole, your opponent is allowed to position it anywhere they choose.
  • When you reach the end of the game, and only the black ball remains, if you send this ball into the hole with the cue ball, your opponent wins the game.

Tips and Tricks for Billiards

  • It's a good idea to decide on the kind of balls you'll use before you start the game. Choose the solid or striped ball with the fewest barriers to make your task easier.
  • It could help to begin launching the balls with simple strokes. By striking the balls in the perfect spot without any obstacles in front of them, you can lessen the number of balls gathered around the pool table.
  • In this game, you might have to use some strategy. You can make it harder for your rival to stop him from putting his balls into the pots as fast as possible. Make things difficult for them.


  • Use your mouse to send the balls to the holes.

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