Speedrun Parkour

Alex, a young boy with great athletic abilities, finds himself in a port. He is chased by the bad guys of the port. His only way out is to navigate a series of heart-pounding challenges, leaping, rolling, and climbing over containers, boxes, and various other objects scattered in the sky.

Your mission is to guide him to safety. Ensure he completes each parkour with precision and speed because the clock is ticking.  

Speedrun Parkour, an online platformer game, invites you to join Alex in his sky-high adventures. With gameplay mechanics reminiscent of the beloved console game Only Up, Speedrun Parkour offers a light and accessible experience. Perfect to play on mobile devices during commutes or downtime.

Desktop Controls

  • Jump: W/ Up Arrow/Spacebar
  • Move Forward: D or Right Arrow
  • Move Backward: A or Left Arrow

Mobile Controls

  • Use arrow buttons on your screen to move and jump
  • Move: Buttons on the left
  • Jump: Button on the right

How to Play Speedrun Parkour

  • Guide Alex in his adventure up in the sky.
  • Start running rightward, climb over the objects scattered in the air.  
  • Arrive at the finish line to complete a level.
  • 30 unique levels with increasing difficulty are available in Speedrun Parkour.
  • You can encounter extra large holes moving chainsaws to jump over on later levels.
  • No matter what you do, be sure you're climbing only up!

Make Use of Elevators

  • You may see some elevators and sliding floors on some levels.
  • They're a bit trickier to climb over but they'll give you advantage in climbing higher.
  • Show attention to how these elevators and floors move before jumping on them; timing is the key!

Watch Out Chainsaws

  • The sky is full of dangers. Alex can encounter some rolling chainsaws on the parkour. 
  • Avoid them at all costs. Otherwise, you need to start over from the beginning of that level.


Freezenova created Speedrun Parkour.

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