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Gamie the Mascot

A Message from Gamie

Hello, Gamers!

I'm Gamie, your new gaming buddy on You'll probably see me all around website from now on. I am around here to spread joy, fun and share some insider tips for games. 😉

I'm so excited to be here. And can't wait to guide you on crazy adventures! Think of me as your personal cheerleader!

About Me

As you can see from my antenna and the buttons on my ears, I'm a product of two generations in gaming.

My dad was a joystick and used to work on a shiny Pacman machine, while my mom was a stunning gamepad. Thanks to their love for their work and each other, they named me Gamie! I grew up in a joyful house full of different games.

People often say that I resemble my dad with my joystick base—I'm all about precision. And my ears? They're here to help you steer diverse modern gameplays.

I am always jolly and cheerful, but let me tell you a secret. I can be overly competitive sometimes. 🙈 I guess I'm more like dad in that. Mom always warns me

"Gaming is not just about winning but also having fun."

Let's Connect

Another life lesson I learned from my parents is that playing games is more fun together! Whether you're facing off a boss, exploring new worlds, or simply enjoying a casual game, I'll be there to cheer you on. Let's share our tips, tricks, and triumphs in the comments! We'll celebrate your big or small victories together.

My Favorites on

My taste in gaming is just like my character: a mix of everything.

My competitive side loves to race to the end or grind for more and more achievements in clicker games like Xmas Cookie Clicker. I find myself immersed in the number of achievements, boosters and powerups until I discover it's been quite a long gaming session.

On the other hand, I love the nature of fun and casual games that I play for 5-10 minutes each and move on to another one quickly. A few of the games I play by alternating are Drift Boss, Get on Top and probably all the titles in Stickman tag.

I hope my recommendations help you find your next adventure. If you need help you know where to find me!

Happy gaming! 🎮


Gamie the Mascot of

This article was updated on June 3, 2024