Only Up Parkour

Only Up Parkour Keyboard Controls

An unknown disaster happened with bizarre consequences in Only Up Parkour game. Boxes, pipes, containers, cars, and even houses hang in the air after the apocalypse. An adventure in the skies awaits the only person who can solve the mystery of what happened. But she needs to climb to the top to reach this holy duty. Combine your parkour gaming skills with your character's agility. Then, you will be able to see things much more clearly from above. Now start climbing and enjoy this exciting journey surrounded by fluffy clouds.

What is Only Up Parkour game?

Only Up Parkour is a Web-GL platformer game with premium 3D graphics where you control a character and help her on the way to the skies. Only Up Parkour is a free to play game on a browser.

How to Play Only Up?

  • Begin your journey on a platform floating in the air.
  • Use WASD keys to move and space to jump.
  • Start climbing on boxes and jump to higher objects such as cars and houses.
  • Remember to take a look around before making a move.
  • Think about the closest and the most convenient way to your destination.
  • You may need to perform long jumps. To perform this action, run fast by holding shift and jump.

Keep Track of Your Achievements

  • You can see your highest climb height at the top left of the screen. Check out the current height just below that. 
  • Press the ribbon button to see how far you got in Only Up Parkour. 
  • Aim to beat your own record and unlock all the achievements. 

What happens if I fall down in Only Up Parkour?

If you fall down, you can press t and continue from where you left off. Otherwise, you need to start over from the beginning platform. 

Who developed Only Up Parkour? 

Only Up Parkour is developed by Craft Game World.

When was Only Up Parkour released? 

Only Up Parkour was released in August 2023.


  • WASD or arrow keys: move
  • Space: jump
  • Hold left mouse: rotate/camera view
  • Shift: fast run
  • T: teleport
  • ESC: open settings menu

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Only Up Parkour Free Online Game