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LOLbeans io is an online battle-royale style racing game with vibrant and funny visuals. Take control of a tiny jelly bean on its way through the championship. Be up to tons of obstacles on the path. LOLbeans io offers addictive gameplay for all ages with its design similar to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. To add more excitement to the race, play with your friends. Give LOLbeans io a try and see if you can come out on top!

How to play LOLbeans io?

Start running as soon as the round begins since you have limited time to finish the course. Jump over the obstacles, and make use of levers and swings. Stay away from angry bouncing balls. Try not to fall down while running. And if you fall once or twice, it's no big deal. You will respawn again, but it will lose you time. In each round, there will be ones who cannot reach the end and be eliminated. The aim is to be the only bean that survives and collects the coins. 


WASD or ⬅️⬆️➡️⬇️: Move
Spacebar/ Right-click: Jump
Mouse: Look around


Discover vibrant maps filled with exciting challenges that will put your skills to the test. Beware of the numerous traps and obstacles that line the tracks. Hammer swings, enormous windmills, and bouncing angry balls will come over you. You will face tiny bridges and traps to cross over without falling. All these lively obstacles will add to the excitement.

Customize your bean

Don't be lost in the mob. Shine like a star with customizable bean skin options. Let the other players envy your dazzling outfit. 
Don't let your bean run around under the sun without protection! Your bean needs a glorious hat to stand out from the crowd.

New Features

New Exotic Skins: Good news for LOLbeans io lovers! Now, you can select new exotic skins and race in your own style. Choose between Axolot, Barrel, Chicken, Corn, Space Fighter, Sunflower, and other bouncy beans.
New Hats: New hat options are available now! Put on a racing helmet or a Sombrero. Pick the funniest hat from the new collection and start racing!
New Maps: You can enjoy exploring new seasonal maps of LOLbeans io. Monster Manor, Dash Cup, and Lava Lake maps are the most recent releases. Try them out now!

How to gain coins in LOLbeans io?

You can earn coins in LOLbeans io by playing and passing more and more rounds. Check out the shop if you want to spend your coins in buying new hats and skins. If you do not have enough LOLbeans coins, there are various coin packs that you can buy with discount options.

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