Snow Rider 3D


New Year's Eve is approaching. Everything is covered in white. It might be fun to slide on some snow during this period. Snow Rider 3D is a realistic 3D snowboarding game where you glide through millions of obstacles on a snow-covered mountain. While sliding, you must escape from the snow masses and pieces of wood approaching you. If you hit any one of them, you lose the game. It might be more fun to play with the sound turned up!

Top View of Snow Rider 3D

When you enter the game, tap on the sleigh to start sliding. You are on a fast-moving sleigh and will face many obstacles while moving forward. You have to make intelligent moves. There will be blocks you need to jump over when necessary. You will need to sneak through moving snow globes. Every obstacle you overcome will be recorded as a score on the left side of the screen.

Collect the Gift Boxes

The game does not end with overcoming obstacles while sliding. At the same time, you need to collect the gift boxes that appear on the game screen. You can use these to replace your sled with new ones.

Dodge Snowy Objects

  • Our keyword for achieving high scores in this game is concentration. Because things will get complicated as you progress, you must jump and make sudden maneuvers left and right to avoid hitting any objects.
  • While playing the game, your primary focus should be your slide and the obstacles around you. By acting aware of everything around you, you will likely overcome the challenges that come your way efficiently.
  • Like everything else, practicing in this game will make your job easier. It may seem not easy at first, but you will see your score increase over time. It will get better with practice.

Snow Rider 3D Key Benefits

  • Playing Snow Rider 3D improves concentration and helps you develop multi-functioning abilities. While playing the game, you must control your speed, the sled's direction and other obstacles at the same time.
  • You will encounter obstacles that will require you to make sudden maneuvers. Therefore, serious hand-eye coordination is needed here. It will improve as you practice.
  • Playing challenging games like this also stimulates brain activity.

Sleigh Options

  • Toboggan (Cost: Free)
  • Metal Sleigh (Cost: 50 Gift Boxes)
  • Evil Sleigh (Cost: 75 Gift Boxes)
  • Plastic Sleigh (Cost: 50 Gift Boxes)
  • Santa Sleigh (Cost: 200 Gift Boxes)
  • Round Sleigh (Cost: 75 Gift Boxes)
  • Chroma Sleigh (Cost: 75 Gift Boxes)
  • Eskimo Sleigh (Cost: 50 Gift Boxes)
  • Ancient Sleigh (Cost: 50 Gift Boxes)
  • Modern Sleigh (Cost: 50 Gift Boxes)
  • Hill Racing Sleigh (Cost: 100 Gift Boxes)
Snow Rider 3D Sleds


What is the best sled in Snow Rider 3D?

Actually, there is no such thing as the best sled in Snow Rider 3D. There are a wide array of slides ranging from plastic ones to Santa's original sled. And all the sleds offer you great sliding experiences. The only difference between them is their designs. The sliding capability of them is the same.

How much is the Santa Sleigh in Snow Rider 3D?

Santa Sleigh costs 200 gift boxes, and it is the most expensive sled.


  • A or Left Arrow Key: Steer Left
  • D or Right Arrow Key: Steer Right
  • W, Upper Arrow or the Space Key: Jump


Snow Rider 3D was created by New Gamer.

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